I have been designing, styling and decorating homes in Hungary, Finland, Spain and the UK since 2005.


My aim is always to make a space beautiful and functional. I come from a country where the summers are short and bright and winters long and dark, so I want to bring natural light inside as much as possible. My portfolio includes works from total make-overs & renovations to home-staging and styling interiors for photoshoots.




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Design Services

Home Design

Do you need some advice for decorating your home, making a total renovation or you just don't know what to do with a space? I can help you without a huge price tag.

For on site design, I will come & visit the place on spot. During my visit I will find out:

  • Measurements of the space

  • Present and future function of the space

  • Photos of the space

  • Your wishes - which style you like and which you don't like

If needed I will then send you a list of questions and some pictures with different moods to find out what you like and what you dislike - colours, styles etc.

What will you get & how much it costs:

Plan A

  • Moodboard

  • Detailed floorplan

  • List of items with prices, links, details where to buy

Price 120€/room

Plan B

  • Moodboard

  • Detailed floorplan

  • Shopping for you

  • Arranging with final touch

Price 250€/room, 350€/kitchen, 300€/bathroom

The prices don’t include materials nor renovation works. When renovation, painting etc is needed I will ask offers from a couple of companies and based on those you can deside which one to choose.


Home-staging, the art of making your home look neat, stylish and inviting for the potential buyer, is the essential first step in selling your home.

Let me help you discover where the problems and solutions are for your home-staging needs. It may be anything from a little closet thinning and tidying up to a major furniture and design overhaul.

Starting with a consultation and idea visit. I will visit your place and tell you on the buyers point of view what should be done to make your place attract as many potential buyers as possible. The visit will take app. 1 hour. After that if you need more help & advice, or me to make it all happen, there are options how to continue:

  • I can continue straight away and arrange the furniture etc.

  • We can set up a new appoinment for completing the home-staging with the existing furniture. Maybe some painting, few new pieces of furniture, new textiles etc will be needed.

  • You might want total staging for a vacant place whether it is an old or totally new one. I will check and make a rough list what is needed to make the space ready for sale.

How much will it cost?

  • Consultation fee 50€

  • Re-arranging existing furniture & decluttering starting from 250€

  • Home-staging for an empty space starting from 1.500€

I am sure we will find the perfect soluton for your home and budget and you will get a better price for your place! 

See some of my previous home-staging projects here Home-Staging by Tiina

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E-Decor is a complete consulting service in everything relared to interior design & styling. Paint, wallpaper, furniture, accessories - just name it and I’ll find it for you within the agreed budget.

What will you get:

  • A complete PDF dossier with

    • Detailed floorplans

    • Moodboards

    • Fabrics, textures, colours & details

    • Shopping list, links & details of what & where to buy

    • Your wishes - which style you like and which you don't like

What I need from you:

  • Pictures of the room(s)

  • Measures of the room(s)

  • Preferences - what colours/styles ets you like & don’t like

  • Your budget

How much does it cost?



First thing people see in a property add is - the pictures!
Professional photos are essential when you sell or rent your property.

Interior Photos
Are you a real estate agent or a home-owner selling your property? In both cases you would need photos to attract potential buyers, right?

I'm happy to offer my services and help for you.
My interior photo package includes:
- sufficient amount of edited photos inside & outside (10-15pc)
- transfer with wetransfer.com
- travelling expenses in Fuengirola
- slight staging if needed

Price: 100€

To get the best possible photos of a home, it’s recommended:

  • to do a little home staging of the rooms that you want to be photographed

  • having it clear of clutter and clean definitely makes for better photographs

  • some flowers and some fruit bowls will warm up the interior space, and make it look inviting 

  • clearing the floors of clutter will also make the rooms look more spacious

    Daytime isn’t the only period to get the best real estate photos. Having both day and evening photos of the property gives prospective buyers a full glimpse of the aesthetic of the residence at varying times. 

If you are an agent and you have plenty of properties to shoot, we can agree a package price.

Contact me and make appointment tiina@tiinaarminen.com

Let's boost your sales with attractive photos!

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