Original Retro Home

I had such a lovely time in Finland in July! I could meet my family and friends, enjoy good music, eat all those Finnish delicacies and experience the changeable weather - one day it was so cold and rainy and the next day it was hot and sunny.

The trip was not just for relaxing but for a bit of work as well. One of my projects included home-staging and photographing a home in eastern Finland. A house built in the late 70s needed some refreshing before putting it on the market.

The house was in a pretty good condition as the owners have been taking excellent care of it over the years. They didn’t want to do any renovation, which I think was a good choice, because a small reno wouldn’t have added its value. And a big makeover to update it totally and bring it to this decade would have cost a lot of money. The thing is that if you cannot hide it then embrace it. That’s what I wanted to do in this case!

This retro gem just needed a lot of uncluttering and rearranging the existing furniture. Broken pieces of furniture and those not-in-a-good shape any more pieces were thrown away. No cash was needed to replace the existing furniture.

Now when it’s easier toes the potential of the space, people (a potential buyer) can see if the place will make a perfect home for them. The future owner can then decide wether to keep the retro vibes or turn the house to a modern home.

The nature around the house is so fresh and green. It comes in trough the windows. It feels as having wonderful paintings which change according to the season. I picked up plenty of wild flowers in the garden and surrounding area.

PicMonkey Collage-23.jpg
PicMonkey Collage-25.jpg
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Guest Room Makeover Ideas

This guest room in a large penthouse apartment has recently been used mainly as a storage room. Now the owner would like to change the mood of the space and have a room where friends and relatives would feel comfortable and welcome.

She has a wallpaper ready. That charcoal hue wallpaper with light grey patterns is by a Finnish designer Stefan Lindfors. The wallpaper will be used partly on the wall against the bed. Test of the walls will be painted in light grey. The floor is a hardwood floor, and kind of yellowish at the moment. It will be painted in white or light grey, or perhaps the floor will be covered with vinyl. Let’s see!

The statement piece of the room will be the headboard - a padded forest green in velvet. The green hue was picked up because there’s already an existing bedspread in dark grey. So green will pop up beautifully among the dark tones.

This makeover is in process and goes on according to the owner’s schedule. Can’t wait to see some action there. i’ll keep you posted!

The current situation.

The current situation.

Time to get rid of the pastel colours.

Time to get rid of the pastel colours.

Moodboard for the guest room.

Moodboard for the guest room.

Mediterranean Soft Colour Palette

A teenager went for a family trip to Provence and fell in love with the beautiful soft colours she saw everywhere there. When back at home she wanted to update her room and make it more suitable for her state of mind. She’s not a little child any more nor a grown up. I made a mood board according to her colour references. Waiting for to see how the project goes on!

How do you like these hues of Provence?


Photo Session - 2br Apartment in The Centre Of Fuengirol

Last week I had a photo session in an apartment that a college of mine had renovated and furnished for her client. The apartment consisted 2 small bedrooms, 1 bathroom and kitchen near the entrance and opening to the dining & living area. There’s also a balcony for morning coffee.

It wasn’t the easiest task to capture the apartment as the rooms were quite small and there was not that much light. It is not a dark space but at noon the sun light is so bright and makes sharp shadows for contrast. Nevertheless I really enjoyed taking these pics and challenging myself. These are the results!


Step inside!

Rustic with industrial twist.


But first coffee!

Enjoy the warm mornings of Costa del Sol.


Cups in order!

Colourful cups & dishes create cheerful atmosphere


It is in details!

Fresh fruit & herbs make it super cosy.


Sleep well!

Hooks will help a lot in a small space, where's not much room for clothes.


Flower power!

Pick up a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers.

How Do You Choose The Right Paint Colour?

Putting a new paint colour on the walls is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to transform a room. But where do you start if haven’t already picked out a colour? An interiors designer or colour consultant can help you hone in on the general colour you want such as yellow, gray, white or green. A pro can also advice on the specific paint colour to choose.

I just read an article on Houzz and picked up these useful tips to find out which colours you truly love.

  1. Visit your closet!

    Look to your closet and see what colours you wear often. Those are probably the colours you feel most comfortable.

  2. Unearth your happy memories!

    Find out what are the colours that have made you happy during your life. Colours that brings pleasant memories.

  3. Envision the feeling you want

    Think what kind of atmosphere you are looking for. Maybe it’s a cosy or perhaps serene feeling. That helps you decide if the dark or light tone is best for your purposes.

  4. Seek inspiration

    Browse interior magazines and photos on internet to see how different colour look on the walls on real homes.

  5. Narrow down your options no more than 4 colour

    When you have settle on a general colour - let’s say blue - then choose different shades of it and you will noticed that some has purple, some green tones etc. Pick up the shades you like most.

  6. Put paint samples right on the wall

    look at the samples on the wall at various times of day to see how the light conditions change the colour. Live with the colours for a couple of days and when a clear winner emerges, you are ready to paint the walls.


Moodboards for this spring

Most of us are waiting for spring to come and perhaps looking for some new ideas how to refresh home and make it cozier and inviting. I made two moodboards in different shades - one with natural tones and another one with more vibrant colours but not too striking. How do you like these colour schemes? Which one is more for your own taste?

Neutral natural vibes.

Neutral natural vibes.

Tropical vibes with soft colours.

Tropical vibes with soft colours.

Scandinavian Style Meets Andalucian Vibes

So sorry for not updating blog and telling what had been going on lately! The summer is gone and autumn is here, actually saw already some xmas decorations going on… Anyways, I want to show you some before & after pics of a project I did in Costa del Sol this summer.

This townhouse had downstairs a pretty dark living room together with a dining area, a separate and dated kitchen and a Finnish sauna without a shower. The aim was to make it lighter, fresh & airy with Andalucian vibes. Something such as “ Scandinavian style meets Andalucian vibes”.

First thing was to renew the kitchen. A wall was demolished to make the space more open, kitchen cabinets were changed from the old ones to modern yet cosy grey Ikea cabinets. The counter top was changed from murky granite to warm wooden one.

First thing was to renew the kitchen. A wall was demolished to make the space more open, kitchen cabinets were changed from the old ones to modern yet cosy grey Ikea cabinets. The counter top was changed from murky granite to warm wooden one. New fridge, owen, range hood, sink and taps - all in stainless steel - make the kitchen fresh & functional. Matt white metro tiles of the backsplash fits extremely well with the grey cabinets.

Second big change was done in the bathroom of the sauna. It was just a toilet & sauna. The whole layout was rearranged. A shower was added to the space, and the toilet and sink were changed to new more functional ones. Matt white tiles embrace the colourful Andalucian style floor tiles.

Also all the light fixers were renewed downstairs, and all the walls were painted in the whole house. The old furniture were kept except the huge brown couch in the living room. New textiles such as curtains, cushions, bedlinen and rugs create a cosy & attractive atmosphere to the whole home.

PicMonkey Image-17.jpg
PicMonkey Image-18.jpg

Home-staging Project

I have an interesting & fascinating home-staging project right now! The aim is to make the flat move-in-ready, so that the new owner can use the apartment straight away and no need to do any renovation nor shopping.

Now the walls are painted in white and light grey to create light, airy and fresh look. I chose green as an accent colour and used it in wallpaper, textiles and decorative items.

There are still some small things to do, but you can check some pictures of the project already at Home-staging by Tiina.