How Do You Choose The Right Paint Colour?

Putting a new paint colour on the walls is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to transform a room. But where do you start if haven’t already picked out a colour? An interiors designer or colour consultant can help you hone in on the general colour you want such as yellow, gray, white or green. A pro can also advice on the specific paint colour to choose.

I just read an article on Houzz and picked up these useful tips to find out which colours you truly love.

  1. Visit your closet!

    Look to your closet and see what colours you wear often. Those are probably the colours you feel most comfortable.

  2. Unearth your happy memories!

    Find out what are the colours that have made you happy during your life. Colours that brings pleasant memories.

  3. Envision the feeling you want

    Think what kind of atmosphere you are looking for. Maybe it’s a cosy or perhaps serene feeling. That helps you decide if the dark or light tone is best for your purposes.

  4. Seek inspiration

    Browse interior magazines and photos on internet to see how different colour look on the walls on real homes.

  5. Narrow down your options no more than 4 colour

    When you have settle on a general colour - let’s say blue - then choose different shades of it and you will noticed that some has purple, some green tones etc. Pick up the shades you like most.

  6. Put paint samples right on the wall

    look at the samples on the wall at various times of day to see how the light conditions change the colour. Live with the colours for a couple of days and when a clear winner emerges, you are ready to paint the walls.